Round Barn Inn Offers Rest, Relaxation

The Round Barn Inn, located in McCordsville, is a unique architectural structure.

By Amanda Steiner

While most bed and breakfasts carry a Victorian era feel, with tea cups and doilies, the unexpected Round Barn Inn takes you back to the old country farm. With rustic décor and log cabin influences, the inn gives guests a warm, laid-back Indiana welcome.

Located in McCordsville off of I-69 and 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, the Round Barn Inn is a get-away for those slow summer weekends. The barn is furnished with unique antiques and collectibles, many of which are for sale. With a balcony library, a game room and pool table, a reading loft and a short drive to McCordsville antiquing, there is plenty of fun to be had and relaxation to catch up on.

The inn also holds weddings, reunions, parties, meetings and even scrapbook groups. "We get a lot of honeymooners, anniversaries and birthdays," said Dean. "We get a lot of first time bed and breakfast goers too."

One of 26 round barns still standing in Indiana, and the largest one of its kind, it was originally built to hold livestock in 1916. The 7,000 square foot barn was turned into a house in the late 1980s. Dean Ice and his wife Dana bought the house in 1996 and turned it into a bed and breakfast in 1997.

"It’s the only bed and breakfast in a round barn," said Dean. "The architecture is unique. It’s definitely different."

The inn has four rooms, each with air conditioning and TV. The Hayloft suite, a new addition to the inn, has a living room, dining room, kitchen and a hot tub. "We built the Hayloft suite about three years ago," said Dean. "We got a lot of calls asking if we had a room with a hot tub. We got enough people asking that we added a new room with the tub."

If the hot tub doesn’t win you over, maybe the sound of bacon frying in the kitchen and the smell of fresh homemade biscuits will. Dean’s mother cooks a fresh country-style breakfast every morning for the guests. Where else can you get this close to old country living?

"The Round Barn Inn fits the whole idea of a bed and breakfast," said Dean. "We have comfortable mattresses, the best breakfast in town and a unique experience. And if you like antiques, we’ve got a lot of those too."


The sign identifying the Round Barn Inn welcomes guests.

The Round Barn Inn has two acres of enclosed land with picnic tables and a gazebo.

Inside the Inn, there is a huge stone fireplace, with a game room to the left and an antique gallery to the left.

In the Hayloft suite, there is a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom with a hot tub.

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