Mulberry Lane Inn

An Indiana Bed and Breakfast

Mulberry Lane Inn

5256 North County Road 75 West

New Castle, IN 47362



Mulberry Lane Inn is set in a scenic area of rural Mount Summit, at the end of a long lane lined with trees. Mulberry Lane Inn holds true to its prestigious title of  “Henry County’s most scenic bed and breakfast” with a rich history in rural America. The inn is located on seven acres and is surrounded by beautiful farmland.

A quick drive from New Castle, the B&B offers two separate accommodations: the smaller "Sunrise Room" offers a large bedroom/sitting room with a private bath and balcony. The balcony has another bed, which can accommodate another person during appropriate weather. The bedroom is spacious and the bath is unique, with a sunny yellow theme throughout, offering a calm and peaceful feeling. A one night's stay for this room is $60.

The large suite is called the “Sunset Room” and offers spacious accommodations, including a balcony, hot tub, full kitchen, bathroom, outdoor grill and private entrance. This suite's main bedroom is a lovely peach tone with flowers all around. Breakfast foods are provided to the guests, but you do have to make it yourself. A one-night stay costs $100.00. Weekly rates are negotiable. 

Both rooms can use the swimming pool and outdoor kitchen, as well as the gazebo, outdoor kitchen and yard. The inn also has a player piano if you are so inclined.

On the third floor, you will find the “Meditation Room,” also known as the widow’s walk. It is at the top of the winding 53-step staircase and has an incredible 360° view of the inn’s landscape. The inn is also accompanied with a player piano in the side entry room

The inn was built in 1845 as the family farmhouse with a mini horse and carriage, milk house and a widow’s walk. The house sat vacant for four years before Deana and Joe Harris moved in. 

The house was turned into an inn 10 years ago. Deana said Joe was against turning the house into an inn because he was concerned about their privacy, but she convinced him that they should share it. Deana said, “He loves meeting people now.”

The inside of the inn is lavishly decorated. Deana said she gets the decorations from clients and friends who donate them. She also gets items from flea markets. 

A friend created a painting in the "Sunset Room" that was inspired by fond memories of her visits to the inn. Deana said she had the friend add chickens to it because at the time the inn had chickens. 


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The staircase is lined with porcelain dolls of all sizes, and ivy can be found throughout the various rooms. 

There is also an old phone with a music box that is still used in the inn. Deana said that when she wants to put people on hold she lays the phone down on the old music box and it plays an old time song while the customers are on hold.

Deana has a beauty styling salon adjacent to the inn.

Deana and Joe have a lot of of out-of-state business people stay in the Sunrise room because they are gone most of the day. Deana said she used to pay for advertising, but now most people know about the inn by word of mouth.

The outside of the inn is just as lavishly decorated as the inside. There is a canon on the front lawn, a miniature horse named Teaspoon and a goat simply named Goat. The beauty shop has a mannequin named Tussie whose outfit changes with the season.

Overall the inn is a relaxing place to stay for a night or to go for a short getaway.

If you do choose to stay at Mulberry Inn, you are sure to have a peaceful and pleasant stay. It is more comfortable and personal than a hotel or motel. It's a pleasure to get away at Mulberry Inn.