Gone from print, but not gone completely:

Thanks for the great memories!

Itís been a wonderful four years of publishing this magazine, but itís time to shift gears. Going to school full time and working full time finally made the load too heavy. I am very excited about my new career options and am ready to graduate! I will have my school counselor degree in May, then Iíll do an internship in the summer and have another license in mental health counseling.

Publishing this magazine for four and a half years has been an amazing learning experience for me. Itís been quite the adventure! I am so grateful to all the people Ė friends, family, businesses Ė who helped in so many ways. Thereís not nearly enough room to thank everyone, but all those supportive people know who they are.

When I look back on the past few years, Iím amazed at how much Iíve learned. I really didnít know anything about publishing a magazine when I started. Now I know how to use the software, create pages, upload the files and enjoy a final product. I know how to lay out not only magazines but now also books and CD liners. I also taught myself how to create websites. I now know how to create business cards and databases.

Iíve had had to learn how to take apart computers and install components like modems and ethernet ports. Iíve gone from having dial-up Internet and driving a CD of information to the printers to having DSL and uploading files via the amazing World Wide Web.

My mom says Iím fearless about diving into anything. And because of this and by publishing my own magazine, Iíve been able to learn so much. And now I look forward to learning even more in a completely new career. Itís time for a new adventure.

I look forward to continuing this magazine as an online publication Ė yet another way to try something new!

Blessings to you and yours!