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Sales Representatives


We need positive, organized, self-motivated individuals to call on businesses who are prospective or current advertisers in the magazine. Experience is helpful but not absolutely necessary. We train. Flexible hours.
Send resume to Life in the Midwest, P.O. Box 204, Mooreland, IN 47360 or email it to
Call 765-524-4149 or email for more information.



This magazine is looking for high-quality photographers who can submit photos on paper or disk. Photos generally accompany a story but sometimes can stand alone.
Send samples of photography to:
Life in the Midwest
P.O. Box 204
Mooreland, IN 47360



Life in the Midwest is looking for freelance writers to supply editorial content for the magazine. Here are the editorial guidelines:

We keep these goals in mind when planning Life in the Midwest stories:
1. Celebrating Indiana: We are looking for stories that celebrate locations in Indiana and Hoosier lifestyles.

2. Indispensability: We like timeless stories that can help or entertain people.
3. Excitement: Articles in the magazine should be fun, exciting, humorous and/or educational.
4. Forward thinking: The stories look at different angles and solutions to life’s problems, finding progressive, creative ways to make life better.
5. Helpful: Life in the Midwest is about helping people improve the quality of their lives. Our stories reflect that, whether it’s a story that inspires a life change or touches a heart.

Our philosophy in a nutshell: Life is about learning, growing, changing and enjoying, and Life in the Midwest helps readers tap into their communities and into themselves, so that they can get the most out of their lives.

Freelancers contribute to the following parts of the magazine:
HEALTH: Informative features on topics such as fitness, exercise, weight loss, alternative healing, wellness and other health-related issues. Query with specific ideas. Word count ranges from 250 to 400, depending on assignment.
FOOD & COOKING: Interesting stories on nutrition, cooking, grilling, and other food-related topics. Recipes may be accepted. Word count ranges from 200 to 400.
HOUSE & HOME: Features on a wide range of topics, from faux finishes to replacement windows to house cleaning to gardening. Topics may be general, such as “Easy Gardening Tips,” and “Creative Home Offices” or specific, such as “Edible Landscaping” and “Making Tablecloths.” Word counts can range from 250 to 500, depending on the story’s placement in the magazine.
HUMOR: Funny short stories about life, children, work, etc. These may be written in first person. Word counts range from 100 to 350 words.
FAMILY: Features related to the ups and downs of family life. These may be written in first person. The stories also focus on such specific topics as “Internet Safety for Children” or general topics such as “Back- to-School Fashions” or “Snow Day Crafts.” Word counts could range from 250 to 400 words.
BOOK OR MOVIE REVIEWS: Short, timely pieces on new books or movie releases (theater or video). Word counts could range from 100 to 200 words.
TRAVEL: Stories on destinations that would be of specific interest to Midwesterners. It can include destinations outside the Midwest. These pieces range from 150 (“Quick Trips”) to 500 words. Query with specific ideas and destination. Photography must be submitted with all travel-related stories.
TECHNOLOGY: Features on subjects such as the Internet, computers and software, cell phones, beepers, etc.

FREELANCE NEEDS: The majority of the magazine is freelance-written. Stories are assigned anywhere from three to eight months before the cover date of the issue in which the story will appear. Factors such as amount of research required, the writer’s experience, the time required to write the story, and the deadline date may affect the fee. Payment is within two months of acceptance. If a rewrite is needed, we generally ask the writer to do it or at least consult with the writer on changes. Final proofs of stories are sent to the writer whenever possible.

WRITING STYLE: Life in the Midwest uses Associated Press writing style. Specifics can be found in the AP Stylebook. Articles for the magazine should be easy to read and have plenty of direct quotes. There should be at least two sources quoted per story.

How to Contact Us
Send your query letters and clips to:
Martha Hall, Publisher
P.O. Box 204
Mooreland, IN 47360
Or to

For a sample copy of the magazine, please send a check in the amount of $2.50 made payable to Life in the Midwest to the above address.