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  About the Magazine


What is
"Life in the Midwest"?



     Life in the Midwest is a lifestyles magazine. The features in the magazine help people live fuller, richer and more enjoyable lives. The magazine also encourages people to become more aware of cultural and entertainment events in the Midwest, as well as their local community. The magazine also focuses on the beauty of Indiana and the lifestyles and interests of Hoosiers. 

    Our target audience includes diverse segments of the population. From stay-at-home moms to business executives, from hobbyists to retirees, from newlyweds to grandparents, this magazine runs the gamut, including topics of interests for people of all ages and lifestyles. However, the articles in Life in the Midwest will likely appeal to women more than to men.

     The content of the magazine is feature stories -- no news stories. Instead, the magazine will be filled with interesting articles about life in the Midwest. It will also have articles about other places in the country anything that might be of interest to Midwesterners.
     The magazine is published by Martha Hall, a photojournalist with 15 years of experience in writing, editing, photography and layout design.
     She is also joined by professional writers not only from Indiana and Michigan but also from St. Louis, Little Rock and Denver.

     Martha Hall is a freelance writer, singer and songwriter who was born in southern California. She spent much of her childhood there, then went to high school and college in Arkansas. She moved to the Midwest after graduating from college.
     She has worked as a managing editor, editor, photographer, staff writer, staff correspondent and layout designer for a number of publications.
     Martha has been a freelance writer and photographer for the past 13 years. She was a weekly columnist for The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Indiana, for almost two years and a staff correspondent there for nine years.